10 Questions You Must Answer
Before You Die

Dr Danny Beran , MB BS FAICD

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It is my opinion that we teach what we most want to learn. Ten questions about ‘purpose’ can offer comfort around their context in our daily lives.

This book intends to teach the reader restraint; and yet hopes to be expansive by serving to fuel the heart and the process of ‘living’. It is about being aware of the important spheres of consideration and focus, and allowing them to be mindful of our limitations.

We should focus on what we’ve come to believe will best serve us, and give consideration to the wonderful possibilities of what we don’t know.

It is hoped the reader finds some value in exploring these questions and may share their own sentinel learnings which they feel are untouched in this journey through life. My intention is to share this path and offer hope with a full heart.

Most of all, it is hoped these questions will stir emotions and thoughts among loved ones and families, because communication is really what makes life’s journey so provocative and worthwhile

Photos from book launch (above)

Jewish Writers Festival in August 2010 discussing "Life Balance"